Soundhawk Smart Listening System – Review

Skyhawk devices

Skyhawk bluetooth hearing device

By Curt Blanchard, Tucson Macintosh Users Group

I’ve discovered a new product that I believe will be of interest to the MUG community. I am the secretary at TMUG (Tucson Macintosh Users Group) and I am a writer/reviewer for Soundhawk is a listening system aimed squarely at people over 50+ who are Apple enthusiasts. That describes us pretty well, doesn’t it?

Soundhawk is a three-piece Bluetooth system that helps you hear more clearly in a variety of situations — noisy restaurants, at user group meetings, and other places where it may be difficult to hear. The volume, brightness, and clarity are set via a free iOS app. Included with the unit that goes in your ear, is a separate wireless mic that can be placed in the center of a table at a restaurant or up on the speaker’s table at the MUG meeting. This device is not designed to be worn continuously, it’s made for situations where you need a little extra help in hearing with clarity.

Hearing aids are very expensive. Soundhawk is $299. I reviewed Soundhawk recently for MyMac. Here is the link:

Disclaimer. I have no connection with this company. This is a product I discovered on my own and like it enough that we’re doing a Soundhawk presentation at our January meeting with a representative from the company.

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HI Touch Learning Clinic – Essential Image Control

HI Touch Learning Clinics












Essential Image Control

An Image Makers Workshop

9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Saturday, December 6, 2014

Hawaii Self Storage – 2909 Waialae Avenue

The December Image Makers Workshop will focus on images for delivery on web pages as well as via email. Topics will include:

  • What files types are best for photographs, art, logos and graphic elements.
  • How to make images load quickly when viewed on Internet web pages, social media and other services.
  • How to send images by email.
  • Best practices, tools and tips for effective delivery.

This workshop is for you if you post images to web pages, on social media and send email with image attachments.

Effective communication over the Internet requires that images are delivered by the quickest and most convenient method. People today use devices of many different sizes and capabilities, from traditional desktop computers, laptops, tablets to smart phones. It is important to be able to send images to all these devices effectively.

This workshop will be limited to no more than 10 people… mostly because that’s the physical limit of the conference room at the Hawaii Self Storage.

The morning portion of the workshop will be highly focused and you will be provided course material. So it is important that you register if you wish to attend because we will only print enough material to cover the registrations.

In the afternoon, we will accommodate general tech support questions which need not be related to the morning topics.

More information and registration at:

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HMAUS Apple Fest and 35th Anniversary!

apple combo

The Hawaii Macintosh & Apple Users’ Society is one of the oldest user groups in the nation and is celebrating its 35th Anniversary with a look back to the beginning of Apple computers and a look forward to the future.

christopher breenJoin us for a buffet lunch and presentations by two of the best known and respected Apple experts.   Christopher Breen, is a Senior Editor and writer of 2Joe-KissellMacWorld/PC World and author of many books, and does training videos for  He’s also a professional musician in the Bay area.

Joe Kissell is author of over 60 print and e-books, numerous articles and podcasts.  He is also a MacWorld contributing author.  They both have a knack for making hard things easy. Chris and Joe come to us virtually but are such excellent presenters, in the Dave & Busters showroom they will be bigger than life and just as entertaining as if they were standing in the room.

We’ll also take a brief journey back through HMAUS’ beginnings and open machine cases, Bulletin Board Services,  5 1/4″ floppies and the start of desktop publishing.  For fun we’ll take a count of the number of Macs and Apple devices folks in the room have owned.  Winner of the total gets a prize, a small one, but a prize!  And yes, more door prizes – a $70 Ollo Clip lens set for an iPhone 5 (sorry no 6) and great Peachpit how-to books.
E komo mai! Come join us!

dave&bustersNovember 29, 2014  Saturday 10 am – 1 pm (doors open 9:45 a.m.)
Dave & Busters at the Ward Cinemaplex
Buffet lunch, beverage & tiramisu cake included  

HMAUS35th combo    Click here  to download a copy of the flyer.


Mahalo to Pearson Publishing and Peachpit
for their continued support and member discounts!

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