The Blonde Vegetarian, plus iOS Photos – June 28

rebeccaJoin us for MacLearn this month … Learn how Rebecca Woodland authored an e-book using Pages and her iPhone!  She’ll show you how she did it, then treat you to a sample of her cooking with an easy, cancer fighting salad and homemade dressing! Then Jerome Koehler will have you try a couple of apps to take better pictures, we’ll take a quick walk to grab some photos,  then  edit them right in your phone or iPad or Mac.  This is not just a demo, you’ll want to do it too. When:  June 28 Saturday from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm (optional 2:30 – 3 pm lab) Location:  Zenworks at 685 Auahi St.  Parking at the old CompUSA lot or metered parking. Cost:  $5 for members, $8 for nonmembers

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Ideas Festival 2014 is History

hawaii ideas fest-smallIdeas Festival 2014 was a departure from the typical HMAUS Springfest, but by all accounts it was still a huge success.

What distinguished this year’s festival from previous ones, was the broader look out at the intriguing world of technology in all its variety, rather than focusing narrowly on Apple computer stuff.

We made new inroads with participation from: Jeffrey Williams, of Obscure Networks, who stirred up everyone with insight into the treacherous world of cyber-security and network privacy; McKay Davis, of Bitcoin Hawaii, who turned everyone on to the mysterious intricacies of crypto-currency; Matthew Goodman, Jeffrey Williams’ partner at Obscure Networks, who is moving away from computer tech and into an exciting new career in digital music creation; Peter Park and his award-winning women’s robotics and engineering team from Sacred Hearts Academy, who delighted everyone with their amazing robots; Fae Yamaguchi, artist and educator, who exhibited a selection of “hand-crafted” laptops created by her young students at Noelani Elementary School; David Friedman, also an artist, who exhibited some of his eye-dazzling paintings; George Nitta, radio host of Hawaiian Auto 101, who enlightened us with insider info about ethanol as a superior auto fuel and renewable energy resource; and the Appalulu trio — Jerome Koehler, Joan Matsukawa, and Ross Rasmussen, who shared a slew of books, apps and irresistible gadgets courtesy of Pearson, [fuze] Chicken, TrunxOllo Clip, and iKlear. Too bad Rebecca Woodland lost her voice, otherwise she would have shared one of her tasty vegetarian recipes, demonstrating how one could create a delicious meal without heat or meat, as well as telling the story of her journey through e-cookbook publishing; and if Kristopher Schlund had not gotten stuck in the Spam Jam in Waikiki, we might have also learned more about peaceful uses for unmanned aerial vehicles, aka Drones.

Our Spring event also incorporated the HMAUS Annual Members Meeting where the main item of business was the HMAUS Board of Directors election. Thanks to all the members who voted, and overwhelmingly approved three brave souls — old-timers Kimo Sutton and Eugene Villaluz, plus our newest director, the irrepressible Shawn “Doc Rock” Boyd – to serve on the Board of Directors and help lead HMAUS further into the future.

Big Thank You to Capital One 360 Café – our generous venue host for the festival. The Café staff — Stephanie, Matt, Ryan, Heather, Tim, and Justin treated everyone royally, in addition to putting in extra effort with setting up the Café just the way we needed it, plus providing digital starter kit bags to all attendees. What would HMAUS do without Capital One?

And of course, Thanks to the people who made the festival go: Eugene Villaluz (event designer and Master of Ceremonies), Jerome Koehler (community channel); Bill Porter (PR); Richard Oya, John & Maria Harraghy (Reception)

Finally…Mahalo to all the friends of HMAUS who attended the festival, who made monetary contributions, and who continue to support HMAUS by being members;  for thirty five years they have been the greatest reason to keep it all going.


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FRESHLY SQUEEZED REVIEWS: Wahoo, Yasu for Mavericks

YASU for Mavericks
by Frank Petrie

Product: Yasu 2.9
Developer: Jim Mitchell,
Price: Free / Donationware via PayPal
Requirements: OS X Lion (10.7) or later; earlier versions are available
Test Rig: 2012 MBA 13″, OS X 10.9.2, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD

Humans are creatures of habit. And if you use computers, there are some habits that you MUST develop. Obviously, backing up all of your data is first and foremost. Then you have maintainance. Removing duplicate files, for example, to make room for more hard drive space.

But other under the hood jobs include clearing out and cleaning up cache files, running cron jobs, repairing permissions and such. But your average user (family members come immediately to mind) can cause themselves lots of trouble due to lack of knowledge as how to perform such tasks. If only there was an app that was quick and easy to use.

“Yasu is a Macintosh application which allows users to easily run many of the system level Unix shell scripts that perform maintenance routines as well as clearing many of the cache files used by OS X.

Yasu was developed as a user friendly, simple, first line of attack for a Mac that has started misbehaving. Often, a thorough purge of the system cache files on a Mac will solve odd behavior.”

And after a brief development hiatus, Yasu has been upgraded to to work with Mavericks.


Yasu is an acronym for “Yet Another System Utility.” It was developed by IT professional Jim Mitchell to save himself time when cleaning up machines that he maintained at work. Yasu allows you to accomplish with the click of a single button what would take some time using terminal commands.


Download. Install. Select from over two dozen or so actions that you want performed. No terminal, just a single click! And I can honestly say that it has never failed me over these many, many years!

YASU for Mavericks settings

It’s now one of my daily habits. Every time I choose to shutdown my MacBook Air, I run Disk Utility and finally, Yasu. Now, everything is nice and clean when I boot in the morning.


I couldn’t remove the “nag screen.” I’ve been a long time user who donated a long time ago and was hoping to bypass this little inconvenience. But I got ahold of Jim and he straightened me out immedately. (Obviously, because I had been upgrading for years, to remove the “nag screen” from the new Maverick’s version I needed to trash the old .plist. DUH!)


As much as Mac is the computer “for the rest of us,” there has always been some necessary maintenance that needed to be performed. As it has grown UNIX under pinnings, there is even more to take care of. Even if you’re not a power user. Yasu can help you lighten that load.

RATING: 5 outta 5

Clarus the DogcowClarus the DogcowClarus the DogcowClarus the DogcowClarus the Dogcow



©2014 Frank Petrie

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