Apps and Backups

 Managing your data is as important as creating it.  You want to be able to save it where you can find it, and archive it where you can retrieve it.  This Saturday, March 21, 2015 we have two sessions to help you do that. 9 – 11 Gregg Kamei will show you one of the best shortcut apps for your phone or iPad,  Workflow – do things that take several steps in one click.  Heʻll also show you Evernote – view screenshots and read the…

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Back to the Future Tutu

Local Talk 2015.3.6 – Back to the Future

By Eugene Villaluz Have you noticed the recent changes to the HMAUS Signal? We’ve switched WordPress themes to refocus the web site toward a magazine-like presentation. You could say that we’re returning the HMAUS Signal to its roots when it was once a paper publication and delivered by the US Mail. The main menu has been restructured to focus more on content, especially new content. All major links will be located in the main menu, which will appear below the header banner image on all…

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Doctor Kokua

Doctor Kokua – I have used up all my iCloud Storage

From Donna Miller: “I received a notice that I will be charged for iCloud storage next month.  It states I am about to exceed my plan of 20GB. Seeking advice as I don’t recall the purpose for needing this service. A review of my usage: Backups (iPhone and iPad): 14.9 GB Photos:   1.4 Gb 1Password: 31 KB Pages: 40 MB 5 GB is free. Do you think if I backup via my iMac I could resolve ‘exceeding service plan?’ And do you use the iTunes…

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